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Welcome to the Firework Campaign Official Website.

Our aim is to restore some much needed peace to our communities.

Before we get into the chat, we invite you to do a little campaigning.

1. Our 2020 government petition which asks for firework sales only to organizers of licensed displays closed on the 21st January 2021 at 301,605. This petition was debated on Monday 8th November 2021. Please subscribe to this website for updates.

We explain this petition and the recent government reply here. The government always answer a petition that reaches 10,000. Their reply is very seldom a positive one. We shall, nevertheless, carry on.

2. We also have a current petition, please sign and share, at time of writing we are on 914,000. We would very much like to get to 1 million.

3. We are trying to build up a picture of firework use across the country and at all times. Please note HERE any fireworks you hear from your house.

4. The RSPCA have this action which emails your local councilor, this has had some success so far and we would like to push that further. Please complete the form.

5. Some councils have declared a ‘CLIMATE EMERGENCY’, check here if yours is one of them. If so, it would be a good idea to forward the latest blog on to them. The environment one, link here

You can also find us on facebook and twitter, please follow us, ‘like’ and retweet.

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Many of you will be aware of the distress and sometimes injury and death caused to animals, our dogs, cats, rabbits, horses in field and stable as well as livestock and wildlife. But how many people realise the distress caused by these random fireworks to the young child who cannot sleep or is woken during the night, the elderly having lived through the 2nd World War are thrown back into a time they would rather forget. The returning military personnel having served their country now fighting the battle with PTSD made worse not only by the fireworks themselves but the residual smell that hangs in the air. There are many illnesses which are made worse by the sudden heart thumping bangs, whistles and screeches of fireworks. During the winter months the use of fireworks has become an almost daily traumatic intrusion into our lives, we hope that by highlighting these facts and promoting our campaign that more people realise the devastation their back garden ‘fun’ can have on others around them. We hope you will help us to do just that, by signing and sharing our petition. We want you to know that you are not alone, we are not a minority, we just need to be heard. As a group we are constantly evolving, what started out as an animals group has become an inclusive group for all people who have negative feelings about fireworks.

Did you know you can easily write to your MP via this link:

We’ve gathered together lots of information and tips on how you can help – check out the menu (if you’re on a phone that’s the 3 horizontal lines on the bottom right of the header)