There is no such thing as

This is copied from the government report:

Steve Raper, Vice Chairman of the British Fireworks Association, emphasised there were technical limitations on reducing noise from fireworks. He told us that:
“You cannot have an absolutely quiet firework. The lifting charge on a firework for a shot tube is about 95 decibels, and that is just the cartridge being ejected into the air.”

If you don’t believe the British Fireworks Association then click on this fact checker

There are quieter fireworks and we are not being pedantic in splitting these two words. IF people believe there are SILENT fireworks they will believe they are the solution. Obviously they are NOT. For many reasons, not just the bang, although it would be great if that was removed. They would not satisfy the ardent firework lovers and it would still be impossible to police the use of fireworks and use would still be legal 365 days a year, 16 hours a day.

We often see claims about silent fireworks in Italy. However, the original article now includes an update at the bottom of the page (Editor’s note) acknowledging that the term silent fireworks is misleading.…/33475-town-italy-switches-silent…

The claims are normally accompanied by a picture of a huge firework display which would be impossible to achieve using quieter fireworks.

Another claim we see circulating around social media is that Asda sell “no sound” fireworks accompanied by the image below. Firstly this picture is quite clearly not of a supermarket and secondly, as we have already established, it is impossible to have a firework with no sound.

In truth, the term “silent firework” is a ruthless marketing gimmick used by the firework industry to con the general public into thinking there is a compromise available. NO firework is animal friendly

Don’t forget it’s not just the noise but also the smell and the flashing lights that affect people and animals

PS: Quieter fireworks have been available for many years These fireworks do not seem to be popular with firework enthusiasts.

This video shows a quiet firework display, as you can see it is very far from silent:

03/03/2021 (Edited 17/04/2023)