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Petitions committee

Limit the Sale and Use of Fireworks to Organisers of Licensed Displays Only

Debate 08/11/21


Scottish Parliament

Report from Scottish Government Consultation 3/11/2020

The Firework Campaign petition -still climbing

Office for Product Safety and Standards

Evidence-based report 29/10/2020

Firework safety campaign

Petitions committee

4th firework debate petition Debate 2nd November 2020

Government response to Petitions Committee 2019



Petitions Committee Inquiry

Potted history from Petitions Committee

Report from The Petitions Committee 2019

RSPCA, Police & Fire Service

Health and Safety Executive & Trading Standards


Sue Kerr for FAB

Scottish Consultation

A Consultation on fireworks in Scotland

Fireworks Legislation and Impacts: International Evidence Review

Public Attitudes Towards Fireworks In Scotland


Full Report 2019


Parliament TV debate 26 November 2018 debating Petition

Hansard Debate 26 November 2018

Change.Org Petition started 16 October 2018

Parliament TV Debate 29 January 2018 debating Petition

Hansard Debate 29 January 2018

MP Briefing Firework Debate 2018

Addendum to Report 2018 (Full Report April 2016)


Parliament TV Debate 06 June 2016 debating Petition

Hansard Debate 06 June 2016

Executive Summary 2016

Full Report April 2016