Write to YOUR MP

It’s easy to write to your MP

Go to https://www.writetothem.com/. Pop in your postcode and scan down until you find your MP

Please mention that you are a member of
The Firework Campaign

When you write please don’t forget to include:

  • How fireworks affect you, your loved ones, your pets, your neighbours
  • Facts and figures on how often they occur
  • Specific questions, especially if this is not the first time you have contacted them
  • Ask them what they will be doing to address your concerns

Ideas for questions to ask:

  • The government believes that most people use fireworks at appropriate times
  • When do they consider is an appropriate time?
  • What evidence do they have to prove their belief?
  • The government say it is a balance between those that like fireworks and those that don’t. They believe we are a minority
  • How have they come to that calculation? And how is 365 days a year a balance?
  • Have they asked the question “Do we want restrictions?” ………… or have they again gone on ‘their belief’ with NO evidence? The UK government have NEVER asked the general public if they want restrictions or not. Unlike the Scottish Government who held a public consultation.
  • How many people have to be suffering before we become more important (comparably) than back garden fireworks out of season? Do you have a figure in mind?

Don’t be surprised if you get a cut and paste reply (that’s one where they just press the button marked ‘firework reply’). This is the usual automatic response, don’t be put off by it. You can respond and question their reply. The more letters they receive the more likely they are to realise the size of the problem. If you get an amazing reply please send it to us so we know who is on our side. We have seen many MPs changing their stance. Who knows this year, your letter might be the one to wake up their conscience.

Thank you for campaigning with us.