Chrome’s story

chromePLEASE THINK BEFORE SETTING OFF FIREWORKS!!! We lost the beautiful College View Chrome last night because a group of very educated people thought it was appropriate that after 12 hours of incredibly loud music a massive firework display at midnight would be an ideal way to end a concert in a rural area surrounded by livestock. They took the time to warn their own Tennant Farmer and the neighbours with no livestock yet overlooked approaching the people with livestock next door. Unfortunately Chrome was spooked and ended up breaking his shoulder. I wonder did these people bring their own dogs or cats to view the firework extravaganza? Of course not that would be ridiculous and cruel who would put their beloved animal through something like that!? Such a shame that no thought was given to all the animals both domestic and wild that had no choice only to be next to it! And for what so a few hundred people not satisfied with a day of live music, a fun fare, sports and God knows what else could look up open mouthed at the sparkly lights for a few minutes because that’s what made the difference of it being a good day or not! The funny thing is it was a beautiful clear night with all the stars out a much more beautiful sight than some ridiculous explosions. To top it all there wasn’t even an active phone number to get anyone in charge to speak to and despite my going round and explaining ( polite way of putting what I did )that their fireworks had caused injury to one of our beautiful foals who looked like might not make it no one has made any attempt to get in touch today to see what the outcome was. I’m sure they are all across the road patting each other on the back at the great success of it all.

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