It’s not you…it’s all the others!

But just to help….

Don’t drink and drive

Don’t text and drive

Don’t do anything to detract from your concentration…’s not you, it’s the other idiots on the road you have to watch out for.

Oh… and other than NYE please don’t celebrate with fireworks…. 5th Nov has long gone and people won’t be expecting them. Animals will be scared and some will be lost/killed/injured, some people will be scared too…. Have a thought for your elderly neighbour, at least warn them …

Please take extra care over the holidays.

SIGN HERE please to help FAB stop random fireworks. Read our HOME PAGE to see what we are about…

Please report every incidence of fireworks you hear on our FIREWORK LOG. We are collecting data to prove to the government that random fireworks do occur……They insist fireworks are mostly limited to traditional dates already. We know that is not the case.

Please WRITE TO YOUR MP and let them know how you feel.. If you don’t tell them they will continue to deny the problem.

FAB are asking the government to restrict public USE of fireworks to traditional dates. That works out about 10 days a year. So you can still have them in your gardens around Guy Fawkes and New Year, Diwali and Chinese New Year.. There will still be displays and fireworks competitions as there are now, just no random unexpected fireworks to frighten people and animals.