Latest FAB news. – 8.5.19


We have received a  reply from OPSS following  the hand in of the the petition. This petition is still running and has close to 379,000 signatures. We would love  more so please make sure you have signed and shared.  Here is the reply Julie Doorne Response Letter Fireworks Petition FINAL (002)



A decision was made to close the FB group. We all felt it had done it’s job and having achieved three debates there was not much more we could do on that score.  It has been archived so is still visible to members but unless there is some very big news there will be no new  comments or posts. The page will remain open for the time being but with slightly less admin attention.

This website will be kept open so check in/follow/subscribe, whatever you need to do to stay in the loop. Any news will be posted on here too.

We should say a massive thank you to everyone who supported the facebook campaign, obviously without you it would have been four women sitting at their own kitchen tables just talking to each other on messenger!  So thank you.

Although the FB group has closed that doesn’t mean FAB have shut up shop and gone away. Just taking  back a bit of space in our lives.



UPDATE.  The petitions committee asked me to speak at the inquiry which will be on June 11th 2019. Sadly I will not be in the country, Sue Kerr an admin from FAB is going to attend for us. I have heard from the committee and they are saying they will have their report ready before the 5th November this year. Very excited to see the outcome of our campaign.


As I hope you all know, the Petitions Committee called for an inquiry into firework use. Thank goodness someone in government took us seriously.  They asked for submissions from interested parties and to date there are 327. If you would like to view them here is the link.

The actual inquiry is on June 11th. I was invited to speak but sadly I am in Montana. Sue Kerr is going to speak on FABs behalf , thankfully,  it was a chance we couldn’t miss!. If you want to watch that inquiry it will more than likely be on Parliament TV. Look at this link closer to the date.

It is too late to send in a submission but you could always write to your MP, especially if they happen to be on the petitions committee. Even if they are not….

It would be good to remind your MPs what it is about fireworks that cause you distress, it will be an especially  good idea to do it in the summer, they tend to think most of the problems are knee jerk reactions. This obviously won’t be the case with a letter in May!



Please stay tuned for any updates.. so long for now…