Brilliant NEW app from BHS

All incidents involving horses INCLUDING FIREWORKS, can now be reported quickly and easily using the BHS app – Horse i. You will receive a confirmation email with a case number for every report.


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The BHS launches a new app that enables equestrians to report their incidents

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The British Horse Society has released a new app that enables equestrians to quickly and easily submit details of incidents that have negatively affected their safety.

The free of charge new app, ‘Horse i’, has been specifically designed to empower equestrians to immediately report any incidents they encounter directly to the BHS via a simple, easy-to-use interface.


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What is an incident?

An incident is classed as an unplanned event that has resulted in a human or horse feeling unsafe (e.g. road rage), or that has the potential to cause injury (a near miss), or that has already caused injury. Equestrians can report problems with:

  • a road/off-road user
  • dogs
  • slippery road surfaces
  • low flying aircraft or nuisance drones
  • fireworks

Reporting your incident

The app records details of the incident, including the location, date and time, any injuries sustained, vet treatment required, as well as if any other agencies are involved, such as the Police or Civil Aviation Authority. An incident report can be submitted via the time-saving new tool in less than three minutes, although there is also the facility for the user to take the time to add in any supporting detail if they wish.

The BHS hope that the app will equip and encourage many more equestrians to report incidents to the BHS, enabling the charity to use the data to support its campaigns to improve equestrian safety.

Equestrians who do not use smart phones can record incidents via our online form on our website.

BHS Director of Safety Alan Hiscox says: “We know that only 1 in 10 people report incidents to us which is why we have produced this simple-to-use app, which enable equestrians to report any incident that encounter. Most people want to report an incident to the BHS as soon as it happens, so this app makes it much easier to log what’s happened to you and your horse the moment you return to the yard when the detail is still fresh in your mind. Increasing the number of incidents that are logged with the BHS is a key priority for us in order to create a safer environment for equestrians, as we can act more effectively with better data.”