The Jubilee Concert Set the Example of Alternatives to Fireworks

SKYMAGIC Drone Shows Image

Thank You, Ma’am.

During the Platinum Jubilee concert yesterday, the public was delighted and in awe of the drone display above Buckingham Palace. A little time before this, a moving and inspirational presentation encouraged us all to play our part in saving the planet for nature and future generations. Prince William encouraged us, with a positive and uniting message, that if humans put their mind to it, they can make amazing change happen. And we can. And one way to do that is to limit the use of fireworks, which are toxic and damaging to the environment. At the concert, an alternative was highlighted, with a drone display. Peaceful, and a far more creative and unique display than can be had by fireworks.

The patterns created in the sky were wonderful, on theme with the celebrations and truly unique. There was a pot of tea, a corgi, a stamp with Her Majesty on it and the number 70 floating above Buckingham Palace. Far more personal, respectful to the surrounding areas and relevant than a lot of noise and chemicals from fireworks. And in case you missed it, or want to see them again, here are some videos and images. Truly wonderful.

Over the past years, there have been many petitions signed by over 100,000 people and debates in parliament, asking this government to change the regulations and restrict the regulations. The most recent anti fireworks petition reached over 1 million signatures, but sadly this current government does not listen to the people. We have written many blogs on the impact of fireworks on the environment, how fireworks terrify and hurt wildlife, as well as the detrimental effect on human beings, such as many sufferers of PTSD who are often taken back to their original trauma, when fireworks go off. And as we welcome more refugees from the Ukraine, many of whom have experienced bombardment, we also need to be considerate of how similar and distressing fireworks are for those to whom we offer refuge.

So, Britain and beyond, the Royal Family showed how it’s done. Let’s do the right thing for the environment, for wildlife, pets and many people – and stop the use of fireworks. There are more considerate ways to celebrate.

Image from AOL

To people who want change, we say please keep going. Keep signing and sharing petitions, write to your MP, write to your local council, share blogs like these so that more people know others share their views. 

  • Sign and share petitions
  • Share this blog in every group you are in on social media and in emails – particularly those not related to fireworks, to reach new audiences
  • There have been 5 debates, 6 petitions with over 100,000 signatures each, a Petitions Committee inquiry and the Government needs to listen. Now is the time to write to your MP and ask them to push the Government to take drastic action. Reduce the number of days to just a handful a year and ban the sale to the public.
  • Write to your councils asking them to change what they allow. You can use the RSPCA template
  • Ask your friends and neighbours not to let fireworks off or if they insist to at least use low noise fireworks which are available from most firework suppliers
  • Read more blogs on the impact of fireworks and share these too: Environmental impact, impact on war veterans and sufferers of PTSD and on assistance dogs, how even Christmas is no longer a time of peace why fireworks are a nuisance and the law should change.

We can all make a difference. Each person continuing to share and spreading the word, writing to their MP, every signature. Every one counts.