The RSPCA are asking the UK Government to follow Scotland’s lead

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The RSPCA are asking the UK Government to follow Scotland’s lead and introduce legislation for the following:

  • Limit the sale of fireworks for Bonfire Night from 29 October to 5 November and limit the days they can be let off. At present fireworks can be sold from 15 October to 10 November and this can prolong the period when fireworks are let off. The restrictions for the sale of fireworks for other traditional dates are only a few days.
  • Introduce firework control zones to provide better protection to vulnerable people and animals. Such zones are used elsewhere in the world. We feel they could be used effectively to protect animals, in particular in localised areas. An example is no fireworks being allowed near where horses are kept, sensitive wildlife areas, farms or zoos.
  • Introduce a licensing system for the purchase and sale of fireworks by and to members of the public. This would place a sensible limit on access to fireworks. It’ll require those wishing to purchase fireworks to attend a training course, improving safety and awareness of their impact. We’d like to see the impact of fireworks on animals and people form part of any training course.
  • Reduce the maximum permitted noise level of fireworks for public sale from 120dB to 90dB. Setting the limit at 90dB would be consistent with the approach in other countries. It’ll encourage manufacturers to design and produce quieter fireworks.