NB 29/10/20 FAB firework campaign is aware that ‘silent’ fireworks do not exist.. Quieter fireworks are sold in all major supermarkets except Sainsburys who for the second year have decided not to sell fireworks at all, and the Co op who have never sold them.

Silent fireworks are a marketing ploy.


Vets at the UK’s leading provider of pet emergency care are calling for quiet fireworks at all New Year’s Eve celebrations.

Why not email Amanda Boag, ‘Vets Now’ Clinical Director at ‘Vets Now’  on  marketing@vets-now.com and let them know how you feel about fireworks

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Report into using silent fireworks in Edinburgh to go ahead

PLEASE help FAB campaign by emailing  Joanna Mowat councillor  or on twitter @jmowat) and show her your support.  …. AND/OR contact Edinburgh council and let them know your views..

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Proposal to council which was agreed on Thursday

1) Recognises that the fireworks set off regularly in the city add excitement, colour and gaiety to celebrations in Edinburgh but that there is an impact from these regular fireworks on the residents living close to the launch sites and that there are concerns that the increasing scale of such may be having adverse impacts and

2) Calls for a report in two months to investigate:

a. What impact the noise of the bangs has on the health and wellbeing of people and animals;

b. What damage may be caused to property from the vibrations from the large pyrotechnic displays;

c. What other options are available for keeping the spectacle but reducing the impact such as silent fireworks.


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PLEASE help FAB campaign by emailing  Joanna Mowat councillor  (or or on twitter @jmowat   ) and showing her your support. OR contact Edinburgh council and let them know your views..

This is a huge step forward and if they get enough support for change it may happen..but if no one bothers why should they? screenshot-2016-12-15-12-24-30