Story of a panic attack sufferer

So fireworks only affect animals? This is just an excerpt taken from a statement sent to me earlier this year.

27/02/2016 17:30PM ish-19:40PM ish. Constant loud bangs that never stopped. No notice or expectation. Had major panic attack(s), wanted to hurt and kill myself, couldn’t stop hyperventilating or shaking. Still can’t stop. Can’t walk for the disorientation. Head and mind shattered. Feels like I am drowning. Can’t calm down and won’t be able to for a long time now. Will now have a panic attack at every noise and be terrified for weeks every day when the sky darkens to night. Beyond sick of suffering because of other people.

If the person had known to expect fireworks on the 27th February maybe they would not have been so distressed. If you care about how fireworks affect people in your community share this story and make people aware of the impact random fireworks have on people.