Upsetting for children

The Human Touch

It appears that we are all animal lovers on this group and page which is fantastic, but I feel that we are missing the human angle on the distress that fireworks cause. There are many illnesses and conditions made worse by random fireworks. Illness in whatever guise is not as easy to share as the cute cuddly lost dog photos, not as ugly to see as the death and damage done to our animals. There is a huge section of society that huddles behind closed doors during the winter months because of fireworks.

One of our members has written this about her son, he is normally a happy, healthy and top of the class little boy but random fireworks affect him. I will not include the photograph as I don’t want to violate his privacy. Please consider stepping forward to tell your story help us open those doors for those who think they are coping alone.

From MJ
I appreciate that animals suffer horrendously during “firework season”, and I feel it is wrong that any adult can buy fireworks to set off. The surprise element means that animals cannot be prepared i.e. sedated/taken from the area, and the stress caused to animals and their owners is horrendous.
From a personal point of view, our son (9) has very sensitive hearing & even using ear defenders, he can get distressed & upset by random fireworks. It has to be regulated more! Restrict sales to smaller time frames, or to professional displays only!