UN Chief Says We Face Catastrophe if we Don’t Put Climate Change as a Priority – and People Still Set off Fireworks!

According to the BBC this week, “Countries must re-prioritise climate change or the world faces catastrophe, the UN chief has told BBC News.” After a summer of extreme heat, drought and wild-fires in the UK and around the world, it is totally bewildering, that people still let off fireworks in their gardens – when this is a small change people can make, to do their bit for the environment. You can smell the chemicals, the toxins from them – the same day and the day after. The toxins are in our gardens, countryside, they go into the soil, the air and into our streams and lakes.

We wrote a blog all about the chemicals, the waste in fireworks, 3 years ago. “We can either carry on how we are and destroy the planet and cause lots of suffering for humans and animals or we can radically change the way we live – across all areas of life – and have a chance of saving the one planet we all share. Now is our last chance. We referred to an article in BBC Science Focus which says, “Though beautiful, fireworks pollute the atmosphere so may not be the most green choice of entertainment. Fireworks propel a cocktail of chemicals into the atmosphere, many of which can harm both people and the environment. The vivid colours in firework displays come from metallic compounds such as barium or aluminium that can have negative impacts on animal and human health.” So, let’s just stop them! We won’t starve without fireworks. But instead, many people will have more peaceful evenings, animals will be less anxious, the nature around us will have at least one less form of pollutant on it.

We do as a race, need to start living lives that respect nature, live in harmony with other beings on earth with whom we share this planet. In October 2022, Eleven organisations have signed an open letter to the Government asking for a review of fireworks sale and use. These are the BVA, Dogs Trust, Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, Blue Cross, Cats Protection, Children’s Burns Trust, Combat Stress, Dan’s Fund for Burns, Help for Heroes, The Kennel Club and PTSD UK. The letter urges the UK Government to follow in the Scottish Government’s footsteps by committing to a review of the sale and use of fireworks and their impact on animals and people.

It is baffling, that 3 years ago we wrote about the impact on the environment, on animals, and different people. We have had a debate in parliament about it each year – because so many people signed petitions. We have even reached over 1 million signatures in a petition to change fireworks laws and yet the government of the time, refused to listen. It is a small change to make, to simply stop having ad hoc displays. Will the new government finally be the one to listen to the will of the people and care for the future of our planet and our wildlife – and make this change?

To people who want change, we say please keep going. The momentum is there, with the signatures and the charities now pushing. Keep signing and sharing petitions, write to your MP, write to your local council, share blogs like these so that more people know others share their views. 

  • Sign and share petitions
  • Share this blog in every group you are in on social media and in emails – particularly those not related to fireworks, to reach new audiences
  • There have been 5 debates, 6 petitions with over 100,000 signatures each, a Petitions Committee inquiry and the Government needs to listen. Now is the time to write to your MP and ask them to push the Government to take drastic action. Reduce the number of days to just a handful a year and ban the sale to the public. Or you can use the RSPCA template
  • Write to your councils asking them to change what they allow.
  • Ask your friends and neighbours not to let fireworks off or if they insist to at least use low noise fireworks which are available from most firework suppliers
  • Read more blogs on the impact of fireworks and share these too: Environmental impact, impact on war veterans and sufferers of PTSD and on assistance dogs, how even Christmas is no longer a time of peace and why fireworks are a nuisance and the law should change.